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Preschool is an early childhood program, our pre-school program concentrates on the formative needs of young inquisitive learners and are focused on the improvement of gross and fine-motor abilities. Read More


The opportunities are varied during the initial years of education, children step in to the formal ways of learning and hence it becomes important to give a child the best possible start in life. Read More


The program aims to age appropriate and culturally relevant information, promote healthy attitudes and develop skills to enable them to respond to real life situations in positive and responsible ways. Read More


In high school, the individual character of students and subjects control escalates during this period. Students comprehend and discover their energy and capacities with a focus on career goals. Read More

About us

  • We are the youngest fledgling in the chain of Modi Schools dotting different parts of Gujarat.
  • It is located in Jamnagar in a sprawling lush green vibrant campus spread over 7 acres.
  • The School aspires to develop a strong value based education model that helps establish strong foundation and orientation for learning.Curiosity and inquisitiveness.
  • This spirit of discovery driven by the willingness to take healthy risks. both socially and intellectually is what makes the education at our school transformative and sometimes challenging.
  • Our Students graduate as articulate. expressive and confident boys & girls, not afraid to voice their opinions, while respecting the sentiments of others and appreciating multiple perspectives and views.
  • At J.P. Modi School. life and learning is always intimately connected. we aim for holistic development of children that will cultivate academics. understanding, social enthusiastic improvement and imaginative aptitudes.
  • We are of the strong belief that all our activities and focus should ensure that we are working in tandem with the policy of educating of the ‘WHOLE’ brain of the ‘WHOLE’ child.



Call Now ! The school campus is located on the outskirts of the city at Vasai, away from the noise and congestion characteristic of the city life, in lush green and pollution free surroundings. Important goals of J. P. Modi preschool rograms are to help children acquire social skills and learning-related skills.

Commitment to excellence